To create a love of soccer by providing the best opportunity to play, enjoy, learn and excel.

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  1. Set a positive example by showing respect, dignity and good sportsmanship at all times. Avoid becoming emotionally charged and overly involved in what is happening on the field.
  2. Offer only applause and cheers of encouragement for either team following a good play or individual effort, otherwise KEEP QUIET. Negative comments directed at coaches, players, referees, or other spectators are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Obscene and/or disrespectful gestures will also not be tolerated.
  3. Avoid coaching from the sidelines. Leave all aspects of coaching to the coaches since it causes undue confusion and erodes a players confidence. If you are not pleased with a coach for any reason, please address and discuss with a MSC representative. Remember that most of our coaches are volunteers. If you think you can do a better job coaching please offer to volunteer yourself!
  4. Never question referees decisions. Referees are not perfect and will make mistakes. Referees calls should NEVER be argued by anyone. Accept all referee decisions as final and move on. Please direct concerns or constructive criticism to our club representatives and/or our referee coordinators.
  5. Encourage players to focus on their development and performance, not on game results! Discourage excessive celebrating following goals or victories and remind players about being respectful to the losing team.
  6. Avoid post-game analysis and do not scrutinize your child's performance following games. Motivate through confidence by identifying a positive result from every game or practice. Your child's sense of achievement is the greatest motivator and confidence-builder.
  7. Respect the facilities both home and away. Always cleanup after yourself and others after watching a game or practice.
  8. Failure to support this Code of Conduct through irresponsible and/or disrespectful behavior can and will result in penalties including: removal from the fields, member suspensions, team forfeits or even permanent removal from the club. Please do not let your actions affect your child's enjoyment of soccer with Meriden Soccer Club.